Our infant, waddler and toddler programs provide plenty of motor and sensory activities. Weather permitting, we spend much of our time outside, where the children can take in fresh air, sunshine and grass.

Typical daily activities include:

  • Music and dance
  • Storytime
  • Water play, including water tables and misters (especially nice on hot days!)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sandbox and gardening
  • Play structures
  • Age-appropriate tricycles/bicycles
  • Simple science experiments
  • Sensory activities

Our teacher-to-toddler ratio is 1:5; our teacher-to-infant ratio is 1:2.

Through these activities, as well as sharing meals, we encourage curiosity, creativity, language development and conflict resolution. We also offer a bilingual program in English and Spanish.

Parents are always welcome to drop in for a visit. Daily reports of each child’s activities, meals and naps are made available online to parents through the DailyConnect.

Infant (12 weeks to 18 months)

Our infant program emphasizes individualized care because we recognize that each infant has his or her own cognitive, physical and emotional needs. Our dedicated infant play area provides a safe, indoor space for infants to experiment, explore, and work on their milestones at their own pace. We have carefully selected toys that are not overstimulating, and that instead promote imagination and creativity.

In keeping with our Eco-conscious philosophy, we welcome families who use cloth diapers and wipes!

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Waddlers (18 to 30 months)

During this stage of emerging independence, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children can continue developing social skills and self-confidence.


Toddlers (2.5 years to 4 years)

At this age, toddlers develop friendships and learn to play with each other. Children are given many opportunities to build self-confidence and self-help skills while learning about themselves in small-group settings.